Eyes That Seen Plenty

"The powerful voice of Aaron Campbell is needed in our difficult times. Don't miss this poignant memoir!"

- Dr. Cornel West, Author, Activist, Professor

"This is the recipe for an urban classic!"

- Louis "Breakbeat Lou" Flores,
co-creator of "Ultimate Breaks and Beats"

"[Campbell] captivates you by describing people in such a way that you feel you know them, and by telling incidents so that you experience them with him..."

- Carl Westerlund, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Introduction: The Book
Everyone has a master plan.
but what do you do when your master plan fails?
Or worse yet, when it works quite well,
yet you're still found wanting?
What's life all about, anyway?
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Part 1
Part I
"Philosophy begins in wonder," said by Plato. Learning to live in two totally different worlds (the prestigious private school world and the urban, single-parent world), young Campbell plays "hopscotch" from wonder to wonder searching for identity, manhood, and meaning, amidst home robberies, racism, and black-on-black crime. Meet the GenX 80's: R2D2 & C3PO, WWF, BMX, MTV, BET, and more...
Part 2
Part II
Disappointments give birth to determination: Ivy League, "top of the world." But Campbell must be "top of the world" in the underworld, too: West 42nd Street, New York City, at a time when it was scarier than scary. Then, beyond "lonely at the top," Campbell finds it can be quite a lie "at the top," as well. Through academia, crime, philosophy, and evil spirits, Campbell wants answers. Life can be deadly.
Part 2
Part III
With Humanism and Hedonism just about "off the team" now, Campbell seeks some type of reform in "settling down" and rehearsing his good deeds. He even marries his long-time girlfriend and best friend. However, Campbell still aches to know the answer to life's most basic questions: Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny (along with Peace and the riddance of guilt). Behold, how a skeptical, anti-Christian atheist comes to find Christ as the summation of perfection!
Aaron W. Campbell: The Author
Aaron W. Campbell

Aaron Campbell is the founder and senior pastor of Antioch of Calvary Chapel (www.antiochphilly.org), said to be one of the most ethnically diverse churches in Philadelphia. The church's outreaches - including free "fish fry's," food and clothing drives, carnivals, and "street" basketball tournaments - have gained them city-wide recognition and respect, from the projects to the colleges.

Aaron is the founder and CEO of Angoon Alive Project, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to helping Alaska natives (and natives at large) become economically self-sufficient (AngoonAliveProject.org). Along with Alaska, he also does extensive work in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Besides enjoying each day with his amazing wife, Natasha, his other hobby is laughing with their three super kids, and wiping the drool from their Sicilian mastiff, Agapé. To contact him for a speaking engagement, email contact@kaatenapress.com

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